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Use Angel Keys-Locksmith Columbus Ohio for any automotive locks needs.

We mobile and provided fast and prompt service together with emergency lockout or key replacement make and program.

 Qualified locksmith service specialized with all automotive locks and keys. Our locksmith specialist will assist you 24/7 a day, weekends and holidays. 
Our company are fully bonded and insured located in Dublin Ohio and locally owned.

We use by expert technicians with great experience working on  automotive locks and ignition locks repair.

Automotive Locksmith- 24/7

Replacement Car Keys Service

In event of losing the only car keys you our auto locksmith specialist easily will get you back to road. We replace transponder keys, fobs and push to start ignitions.

Acura 1998-2008       start at $135

Audi 2000-2004        start at $165

Buick 1999-2015        start at $139

Cadillac 1999-2014    start at $149

Chevrolet 1996-2016 start at $145

Chrysler 1990-2016   start at $109

Dodge 1991-2017       start at $95

Ford 1989-2016          start at $95

GMC 1989-2015         start at $125

Honda 1994-2016      start at $99

Hyundai 1996-2015   start at $120

Jeep 1995-2015          start at $110

Kia 2002-2012            start at $125

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